Jordan Godwin Welcome To WeThePeople

You're not going to forget about this kid anytime soon

14 Jul 2015

Filmed and edited by Cal Earnshaw

Jordan Godwin isn't a household name in BMX just yet, but following this video for WeThePeople you're not going to forget about this kid anytime soon. Once you're finished watching this a couple times over, and looking for more Jordan has more than a few standout clips in Eclat Young Bloods Part 2, filmed in Alicante earlier this year.

"You might not know who Jordan Godwin is, which is about right since he hails from South Wales and a town you’ve probably never heard of. Hopefully though, after watching this introductory video you’ll be more familiar with him. The kid shreds basically and we are more than excited to welcome him to the WTP family." - WeThePeople


7 Jan 2015