THE CUT - A New BMX Store for Barcelona

"The location was the first and only one we looked at"

29 Mar 2022

The Cut Cover

An interview with Jay Roe | SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL BMX SHOP

There’s a new shop in town! And when we say town, we mean city, and more specifically, Barcelona. After the closure of one of the two BMX specific shops already existing there, Jay Roe, Pato Morales and Jack Waller put their multi-nationality heads together and decided it was time to start something new. Now in it’s first few months of business, we thought it’s about time to find out more about The Cut…

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How did the idea for the new store in Barcelona come about? Who’s involved?

My close friend Pato Morales and I have been kicking the idea around for a long time. Going back and forth between random thoughts for a private ramp space, artist space, independent event venue, etc… There have been two shops in Barcelona the last few years and we didn’t want to crowd the space too much, but we knew we had something more to offer the eclectic scene in Barcelona of locals and constant visitors. One of the shops decided to close the doors towards the end of 2021 and we felt that was the timing we needed to make a go at it! Once the idea became more solid we decided to schedule a chat with part time BCN resident and UK bike shop owner Jack Waller of Waller BMX, basically for some advice…and after 1-2 of those chats things progressed into the formation of the three of us. Jay Roe, Pato Morales, and Jack Waller. Three foreigners in BCN…haha

You’re located one block from the legendary spot, Parallel. Did you always want The Cut to be near there and was it difficult finding the location?

In our mind it was the only place it could be. Whether you like it or not, Parallel is a huge part of the scene and BMX community here in BCN, and we take great pride in that horrible, junkie filled, dirty plaza. The location was the first and only one we looked at.

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" Parallel is a huge part of the scene and BMX community here in BCN, and we take great pride in that horrible, junkie filled, dirty plaza. " - JAY ROE

What brands will you be stocking at The Cut? Is it street/core focussed in general?

We want to have a bit of everything representing the core bmx brands in the industry, and support the brands and riders that positively contribute, promote, and make BMX better with each product, video release, road trip, event, etc… Between the three of us, there is a wide variety of brands and styles to be represented in the shop and We also will be working hard to have in stock as many small independent crew brands as we can. Mostly apparel, videos and things like that to help promote that aspect of the culture. Already you can find brands like BCN Kills, PShomies, Motobunka, CE.Mess, Banana Brand, Help MFG, and with many more to come.

Were there any difficulties in opening with red tape and local authorities etc?

Everyday is something new that you could have never planned for. It’s a constant learning process for sure. However, above all, myself and Jack do not have the most credible Spanish chops, so Pato being the native Spanish speaker has really taken on most of the bureaucracy and endless paperwork necessary to navigate when starting a new business and especially in Spain and Catalunya.

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How did the opening day/jam go down? How was the reception from locals?

It was so cool to have riders come out and just have a good time. It didn’t take much to create some great vibes for everyone to enjoy and the party at the shop that night went off amazing, with a huge turnout and no police or neighbor complaints. The opening day jam and party really went exactly how we wanted it to for us and for the scene. We hope it’s an example of what we can and will be doing in the future in and around the shop.

What do you guys have in the works? Any upcoming plans?

Sustaining, growing, supporting riders and being that solid foundation for any bmx rider living in or visiting Barcelona. We sell BMX products, but what we offer is actually a lot more about promoting and taking care of the BMX lifestyle and culture in BCN. From a hot cup of coffee, spot help, bike maintenance, a couple benches to relax on…we got you.

Where can people find The Cut?

Just one block away from Parallel! Find us in the neighborhood of El Raval at Carrer Santa Madrona 4 and Follow us on instagram @thecutbmx.

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