DIG 2019 Clothing Available Now

Kill Fashion

10 Jan 2019

Digtomvsedwinweb Wide

Another year, another drop of new DIG clothing! We've got some fresh pieces for you, all of which are available now through the DIG Store. Look out for free stickers with each order.

NOTE: Orders will be shipped from Wednesday December 19th

DIG '1993' T-Shirt - BUY HERE

Dig1993Web Wide

• Short Sleeve Style T-Shirt in White

• Blue DIG Sprocket Front Print

• Blue DIG ‘1993’ Back Print

• Design by Colton Ponto

Dig1993Backweb Back

DIG Circle Long Sleeve T-Shirt - BUY HERE

Dig Tshirtlongsleeveweb Wide

• Long Sleeved Style T-Shirt Black with White DIG logo

• Black on Black Sleeve Print

Dig Sleevedetailweb Small

DIG Edwin VS Tom Long Sleeve T-Shirt - BUY HERE

Digtomvsedwinweb Wide

• Black Long Sleeve Style T-Shirt

• Limited Edition

• Black on Black 53 Sleeve Print

• Classic Tom VS Edwin DIG 53 Cover Print

• Photo by Ricky Adam

Digtomvsedwinwebsleeve Small

DIG Circle Pull Over Hoodie - BUY HERE

Dig Hoodyweb Wide

• Black pullover hoodie with dark green DIG logo

DIG Black Circle T-Shirt - BUY HERE

Dig Circle X 2

• Short Sleeve Style T-Shirt with Black on Black DIG Logo

DIG 'This Machine' T-Shirt - BUY HERE

Digthismachineweb Wide

• Short Sleeve black T-Shirt

• Classic DIG Photo Print featuring Clint Reynolds’ Bike

• Photo by Vincent Perraud