PALAVER - The Chris Stauffer Podcast

Discussion with a legend!

10 Jun 2019

Palaver Stauffer

Podcast by Chris Doyle

Chris Doyle just released a new podcast with Chris Stauffer through his 'Palaver' channel. Hit play for a very interesting discussion with a true BMX legend. For those of you wanting to listen on your phone visit their site. If that's not enough for you as well you can check out Chris Satuffer's last DIG atrticle HERE.

"Chris Stauffer was born and raised in the BMX trail mecca that is Bethlehem, PA.  With his surroundings and the abundance of talented riders in Bethlehem to ride with in the late 90's, Chris would go on to develop one of the most iconic and respected trail styles in all of BMX.  With a starring role in the BMX bible that is "Anthem 'Home Of The Brave'" Chris's career got spring boarded into a life of traveling the country/world to showcase his signature style.  Like many BMX professionals, Chris had his fair share of ups and downs and even totally quit riding for a couple years.  With the support of some close friends, Chris battled though his dark times and eventually found his way back to his bike and back to the trails! Even though Chris has been out of the BMX spotlight for a few years now, he still has one of the most respected trail styles and one of the best tabletops OF ALL TIME! Listen to find out more!" - Chris Doyle