Soundtrack - VHS Classics - Anthem, Home Of The Brave

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29 Mar 2015

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Soundtrack by Stew Johnson

"In eastern United States there is a place where young men choose to live like soldiers. Here in the streets and in the woods the wage a war for their beliefs and live life by their own rules. This is the land of the free and 'The Home Of The Brave'. These men call it home, you call it Pennsylvania" - Anthem


Anthem - Home Of The Brave - VHS Sountrack

Where young men choose to live like soldiers...

Track Listing (Section, Artist, Track:)

01. Intro: Farside "Square One"

02. GroundChuck: The Rolling Stones "Start Me Up"

03. Taj Mihelich: Shades Apart "Fearless"

04. Punjab/Stieg: Judas Priest "Breaking the Law"

05. Van Homan/Stuart King/Robbie Morales: Snapcase "Zombie Prescription"

06. Crash Section: Lou Reed "Perfect Day"

07. Chris Stauffer: Lifetime "(The Gym Is) Neutral Territory"

08. Hallman/Walkowiac/Johnson: The Get Up Kids "Woodson"

09. Joe Rich: Earth Crisis "All Out War"

10. Closing Section: Naked Raygun "Home of the Brave"

11. Credits: Fifteen "Liberation"

Chris-Stauffer x SJ

Chris Stauffer. Previously unseen Anthem photo by Stew Johnson.