Soundtrack - VHS Classics - Wide Awake Nightmare

This epic soundtrack had a huge part to play in the overall energy of this release.

22 Mar 2015

soundtrack -bmx wide awake nightmare use

By James Cox

To say that this creation of Brian Wizmerski's was progressive at the time of its release would be more than an understatement. Beginning with an intro set to a mix of Slayer songs and then dropping straight intro a Corey Martinez part comprised predominantly of riding that was at that time incomprehensible to mere mortals, then switching to Mike Aitken riding huge concrete parks and trails to AC/DC, this video was just relentless from start to finish, where Brian Wizmerski closes the video with a technical street riding section which was, in keeping with the rest of the video, far beyond the norm at that time. The combination of the aforementioned riders, along with Doyle, Elf, Nate Wessel, Biz and more was set to an epic soundtrack, which had a huge part to play in the overall energy of this release.


Square 1 - Wide Awake Nightmare - VHS Soundtrack

Relentless from start to finish...

Track List (Artist, Track):

Slayer: Raining Blood/Angel Of Death
Boston: Peace Of Mind
AC/DC: It's A Long Way To The Top
Heart: Crazy On You
The Rolling Stones: Mother's Little Helper
Sparta: Cut Your Ribbon
The Pixies: Cecelia Ann
Snapcase: Twentieth Nervous Breakdown
Aerosmith: Kings & Queens
Bob Dylan: Hurricane

Frank Black: If It Takes All Night