Print Matters: “13-A”

80 Pages Of Street Photography And BMX Riding Shot Over The Course Of Three years

18 Jan 2018

Print Matters 3A Owen Road

Words and photos by Mason Gray

Our 'Print Matters' feature continues on strong this week with a look at Mason Gray's latest endeavour, '13a'. Following on from his previous book 'Uphill Work', Mason has been back at it with a unique look at everyday life, the streets and BMX. Here's a glimpse at what to expect - enjoy. Find links to purchase '13a' below.

Print Matters 3A Cover

The photo on the cover of the book minus the bells and whistles. He asked me if I wanted to see his ‘ink’ and I definitely did not expect that. Shoutout the J-Man. London, ON. 2015.

"Everyone who’s ever ridden a bike knows hanging out with your pals in alleys or whatever dilapidated areas one might find themselves in while out searching for a nice bank spot or flat ledge to sit on puts you in interesting, unique situations from time to time. Wether it be a vagrant hassling you for change and smokes, or some ten year olds showing of their newest back tattoo, it's almost always interesting. Here’s a few digital spreads, alternate photos and b-sides documenting a few of those instances from the new book, “13-A”. Named after a bus-line in my hometown, 80 pages of street photography and BMX riding shot over the course of three years. Shoutout The Make, Buster and everyone who let me take their photo or copped a book."

Print Matters 3A Hospitalwoman

Met this woman during another hospital visit, talked to her for quite awhile. She mentioned she was terminally ill and laughed saying there was no point in quitting (smoking) now. This is an alternate photo to the one of her in the book, pretty grim conversation. Note the I.V./Cig combo. Montreal, 2017.

Print Matters 3A Kyle Dalton Carve London Ontario 2017

Kyle Dalton, nine brick carve in the Springbank Tunnel. It’s too close to tell how far up he is in relation to the ground/ceiling but this is actually really nuts. Also my personal favourite riding photo I’ve taken. Thanks Kyle. London, Ontario. 2017

Print Matters 3A Spread2

Left Side: Mitch Oudshoorn, London ON. 2016 Right Side: The Richmond Row guitar guy taking a much needed break.

Print Matters 3A Smoker

Another passerby on St. Laurent, no crack pipe demos this time though unfortunately. Montreal, 2016.

Print Matters 3A Butler

Halloween 2015, not exactly too sure what was going here honestly. London, Ontario.

Print Matters 3A Mannequin

Another alternate photo of the same subject that didn't make the cut. Stag Shop by my house has what might be the lowest budget window display in all of Southern Ontario. Actually maybe the world, the sharpie marker tribal tattoo’s are really cutting-edge stuff. London, 2017

Print Matters 3A Spread3

Left Side: “yo are those white walls?” *spits on my bike* “they are now haha” Right Side: BV’s Crew member Jack Leonard post-spit hop in at a Montreal staple spot. Montreal, 2016

Print Matters 3A Cops

During one of the many trips to the ER this year, public servants hard at work. London, Ontario. 2017

Print Matters 3A Dogs

An afternoon in Verdun, searching for a mythical spot in between auto salvage yards. Montreal, 2016

Print Matters 3A Spread4

Left Side: Andrew Phillips - Tooth Hang along the Lachine. Montreal, 2016 Right Side: Fellow Train traveler making a call home during an overnight stay in Union Station. Toronto, 2014

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