The Brian Blyther Podcast


27 Oct 2015

brian blyther fst-blyther-modern

Out of the deep end and into the modern era on his 2016 Haro FST Brian Blyther tribute bike. Fontana Skate Park, CA. Photo by Joey Cobbs / courtesy of Haro.

Interview by Shad Johnson Additional questioning by Paul Covey


Brian Blyther Podcast - DIG X SNAKEBITE

Style with Substance

We're back with another Podcast in association with the awesome folks at Snakebite and this one is with none other than the legendary Brain Blyther, the man who pretty much brought style with substance to bike riding. We sat down with him at the Haro office to talk about the Pipeline years, riding for Haro through the golden era and then making the jump to GT during the dead years, Ron Wilkerson's blatant abuse of rental vehicles, life as a bike riding cop, his modern day re-connection with Haro (more on that right here), and what keeps him riding after all these years.

Sit back and listen to some great tales from one of the most influential riders of all time and look for more DIG X SNAKEBITE podcasts soon along with our own solo series of DIG podcasts. Just let us know who you'd like to see interviewed by ourselves or Snakebite and we'll do our best to make it happen.

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Blyther brought style to the streets way before street riding was really even a thing. Circa '87/88. Photo via the Wiz Pubs wastebasket.


This is the dialled '2016 Haro FST Brian Blyther tribute bike' available today from Haro.

"Even though Brian Blyther is credited with the invention of the flatground tailwhip, he’s most well know for bringing an element of style and height into vert riding. Blyther’s rise through the professional ranks in the ‘80s was marked by his casual ability to boost vert airs higher than most of the competition. Blyther jumped into a spot on the Haro team in 1985, where he found himself touring alongside Ron Wilkerson for the remainder of the decade. Blyther also adapted his style to that of halfpipe riding, and was untouchable during the first few years of the 2-Hip King of Vert comps. After leaving Haro in 1990, Blyther signed with GT and again adapted his riding to street, placing high in many of the earlier street comps." - From DIG 65 July/August 2008

Brian blyther1 hq

It's pretty much impossible to get acroos how wild moves like this were on those ramps back in the mid-eighties. Photo by Rainer Strecker

brian blyther3 hq 1

Blyther doing a 'Blyther' during that golden era of eighties freestyle. Photo by Rainer Strecker

Brian blyther4 hq

Boned out eighties chicken-butt whilst Ron Wilkerson looks on dreaming of trashing rental cars. Photo by Rainer Strecker

Brian blyther2 hq

The ultimate 80's mix? The Enchanted Ramp, Blyther, an x up can can, bright colours... and even the legendary Windy Osborn in action. So rad. Photo by Rainer Strecker

brian blyther-chicken-1

Getting loose at that infamous Haro 25 year reunion show in Cologne a few years back. Photo by Ricky Adam.