The Keith Treanor Podcast

Finding a way back to BMX

21 Feb 2016

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Interview by Shad Johnson Intro photos courtesy of Keith Treanor Additional photos spreads courtesy of Least Most


The Keith Treanor Podcast - DIG X SNAKEBITE

"I hated my part in BMX inferno"

Keith Treanor has been around. From being a team rider on S&M in the early nineties to his involvement with Menstural Cycles (one of the first spin-off brands from a core bike company). From stand out parts in legendary videos like Dirty Deeds and S&M BMX Inferno (a part which he hated). From being a visitor to an early Backyard Jam in the UK (a trip which had a huge impact on him and those he met along the way) to being a regular focus of UK based print mags the time. From eventually moving from Southern California to Florida and working with UGP, and then at a much later stage moving to OKC and working with Hoffman Bikes and then eventually back to So Cal to work with Volume/Demolition and eventually Colony Bikes where he is today. And somewhere in between all of this he's battled with some serious addiction issues. Yep, Keith Treanor has been around and knows more about our world of BMX than most.

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Shad and Keith getting it done. Photo By Paul Covey

Late in 2015 we sat down with a full room of friends including ,Vince Kroff, Evan Lane, Paul Covey and more and got Keith to tell some stories after a long weekend of riding. We go in to his early days on S&M, filming with Dave Parrick, being a Sprocket Jockey, his battle with alcohol, and how he found his way back to BMX. This is a great listen... despite Shad Johnson having never heard of 'The Ultimate Weekend'!

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