The Lee Reynolds Podcast


6 Apr 2016

Lee Reynolds Podcast Screen

Interview by Shad Johnson

We up with the legendary OG UK vert shredder Lee Reynolds and sat outside his shop 'Hunt & Gather' in San Diego to talk all things Old School BMX and beyond. We covered the US So Cal 'British Invasion' of UK BMX riders in the late 80's, his years on Haro, the Enchanted Ramp, working for for Fox in the late 90's and how an injury helped him become a successful DJ.  Enjoy and be sure to let us know in the comments who you'd like to see interviewed in the future.


The Lee Reynolds Podcast - DIG X SNAKEBITE

The OG UK vert shredder!

Editors note: The UK magazine that Lee and Shad refer to early on in the podcast is BMX ACTION BIKE and we can confirm that the answer to where Ian Morris comes from is WALES.

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Lee Reynolds By Shad Johnson

Lee Reynolds at home in San Diego, Winter 2013. Photo by Shad Johnson