Devon Hutchins - Unseen Works


8 Sep 2014

Words and photos by Devon Hutchins

This is a collection of photos I’ve taken over the past 4 years. A lot of these I had hoped to be used for an ad or published in a magazine but sometimes things don’t work out and the photos end up sitting on a hard drive. In the recent years I have focused more on filming and editing and photography took a backseat. I still shoot a lot of photos, just wasn’t submitting them as frequently. So before they got too old I went through and picked out my favorite photos that haven’t been published or posted anywhere online. With magazines getting thinner and Instagram being the go to place to post photos, I look forward to contributing to a media outlet that focuses on quality and not quantity. I have been a fan of Dig since I was a kid and feel honored to collaborate with them as they transition into this new digital direction. Enjoy.