Friends Through The Lens - Wes McGrath

Getting up close and personal with the Albuquerque riding scene

6 Mar 2015

Words and Photo by Wes McGrath

Well I have to say the best part of shooting BMX is when a photo feels as good as the actual action of the subject! Sharing that moment in time with old time friends that have been there from the beginning… Through broken flashes, lights that don't pop, days of uncharged batteries and bad trigger timing, my friends have been through thick and thin with my journey through learning photography first hand. We learned side by side, the first time they landed a trick was the first time I had a chance to shoot that specific move, we crashed together and we landed it together. To all my Albuquerque homies I am forever grateful to you for where I am in this moment!

To all my homies who aren't apart of this gallery, you know your just as worthy as the rest... Vidal Vigil, Gil Montoya, Chris Foehse, Andres Velasco, Matt Gannon, Robbie Owen, Clay Johnson, and Jeremy "Zuka" Hacker all showed me the way. Through it all you guys taught me how to appreciate the small window of life bmx has to offer and this shit isn't over yet!