All the juicy extras on 35mm film!

6 Apr 2023

Photos & intro by: Wes McGrath

The latest video installment from BSDforever, brings us a 20 minute roadtrip adventure rightfully named, "CLIFFHANGER", the crew consisted of the US BSD team, including Reed Stark, Denim Cox, Trent Lutzke, Grant Yoobie, Gaspar Guendulain and myself. All of us hopped into one truck to journey from LA through Utah and Colorado for 12 days to see what madness we could uncover.

I decided to take my trusty old Leica SL2 35mm camera with me and a handful of film to just have some fun shooting...These 66 images are only a glimpse into the B-sides of the article I shot for the most recent issue of DIGBMX Magazine #2022, "BSD Does Denver".

You can watch CLIFFHANGER, right here!