AMSTERDAM - No Digital

Aaron Zwaal at The WAOJ Street Jam

8 Sep 2017

Words and photos by Aaron Zwaal

Aaron Zwaal decided to take a different approach to this year's WAOJ Street Jam, leaving his digital setup at home and instead shot with three film cameras: a 35mm point and shoot, a 6x6 medium format and a 4x5 large format, all with black and white film. Enjoy!

"BMX Jams are always a good representation on how the scene close to that area/town/country is - WAOJ have been organising jams in Amsterdam for a couple years now and while the first jam maybe had 50-100 riders it exploded to 243 bikes counted this years jam that was held last Sunday. So many riders ranging from Amsterdam to all over the country, even Germany and Belgium present. Going through such a hectic city with that many people can cause much mayhem but all went quite smooth as we kind of moved away from the centre and the bad areas but it’s bound to happen that there are interferences with other people and cops." - Aaron Zwaal