Shooting Pool - With Cooper Brownlee

They don't make 'em quite like this in Australia

18 Apr 2015

Intro and photos by Cooper Brownlee. Additional images by Nathan Sykes and Matt Cordova

I really enjoy riding pools. For me, it's all about the thrill of the process - the search, draining it out and finally riding it. You feel that thrill with every spot you search out, but it's higher with pools.

Here in Australia, pools are few and far between. Even when you do find one they just aren't built the same way as the pools in the US are, as they're smaller and have very little transition (if any at all). That's why, when I was in California recently, I rode every pool I could. There were a couple on a trip up to Fresno and that's where I got bit. Then, while spending a week with Nathan Sykes and Matt Cordova who had also gotten bit by the pool bug, we spent everyday searching, trading, draining and riding pools around California. We were all blown away by how many there were. We were leaving pools unridden because we had already found a better one. I definitely wasn't used to that!

Now that I'm back home, I'm craving a pool session. I drive past empty lots that I already know don't have pools but checking just in case. I need to get back to Cali to ride more pools real soon. Looking over these photos isn't helping my cravings but I hope you guys enjoy the images none the less…