Demolition - Chris Doyle And Aaron Smith - Indoor Park Video

The Wheel Mill and Rye Airfield get shredded.

9 Apr 2015

Filmed and edited by Lee Hopkins

Demolition and Kink teammates Chris Doyle and Aaron Smith get a heavy session in together at each other's local indoor park, Rye Airfield in New Hampshire and The Wheel Mill in Pennsylvania.

"Winters in the northeastern United States can be long and cruel... this past winter has been particularly merciless. Therefore, myself and long time friend and teammate, Aaron Smith decided to get together with Lee Hopkins to film an edit to highlight how so many BMXers stay on their bikes while living in a cold climate. The whole edit was to take place at Aaron's home park in Rye, NH, Rye Airfield. True to form, a day into filming, a blizzard came and rocked the northeast, causing a massive shutdown of business and travel and we could not finish the edit at Rye as planned. When I was finally able to make it back home to Pittsburgh, I decided to round out the edit by filming a few clips at my local indoor facility, The Wheel Mill. Now, enjoy this short edit and let's embrace spring and warmer temps but always remember to support your local indoor parks! A special thanks to The Wheel Mill and Rye Airfield!" - Chris Doyle