FBM / Profile Maiden America Tour - Melton's Cycle Shop

"He lives and breathes BMX"

20 Jul 2015

Video by FBM Bikes

FBM and Profile make their way up the east coast to Salisbury, North Carolina in the second leg of their Maiden America tour. The crew enjoys a good old fashioned parking lot session with the tricks running the gamut from nac-nac's to flips and to one-handed crank arm grinds.

"As part of the trip, we wanted to shed more light/love on those core BMX shops that go above and beyond to support our scene. Lenny and Melton's bike shop is a prime case in point. He lives and breathes BMX. Thanks to he and his family for an absolutely incredible day." - Matt Coplon

Watch the first stop of Maiden America at Reality Bikes for a look at their shop stop and concrete park session in Cumming, Georgia.