Soundtrack - Matt Coplon Playlist

100% DIG Approved

12 Jul 2015

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Complied by Matt Coplon


Matt Coplon Mixtape

100% DIG Approved

"Over twelve years, and in between two bands, I was fortunate enough to tour/travel. Over those years, I've made friends for life. Within the punk/hardcore scene, it was/is really inspiring to attend shows/events where there was a built in audience of like minded, ethical/political souls. The punk scene really shaped my outlook on life as equally as BMX" - Matt Coplon

1. Jawbox: Dreamless
2. Neurosis: Locust Star
3. The Sisters of Mercy: Marianne
4. Fugazi: Instrument
5. Portraits of Past: Snicker Snicker
6. Fields of the Nephilim: Moonchild
7. Hoover: Cuts Like Drugs
8. The Soft Moon: Crush
9. Archers of Loaf: Audiowhore
10. The B-52's: Mesopatamia
11. Breach: Common Day
12. Embrace: Money
13. Christian Death: Cavity-First Communion
14. Lungfish: Creation Story