Listen and Learn

16 Aug 2019

A Chris Doyle Podcast Series

Dig wouldn't be what it is without the friendship and heavy influence of this guy over the years. Enjoy this interview with one of 'the' best dudes out there.

"For this interview, I sit down with legendary BMX video maker, Stew Johnson. Stew is responsible for some to the most influential BMX videos of all time and has a career that has spanned nearly 25 years. On a personal level, Stew’s videos had a direct impact on my riding, the way I dressed, and the music that I listened to. I think the same could be said by countless riders from my generation. Stew still continues to push BMX in a positive direction through video; he produces X Games “Real BMX” on ESPN; a show that highlights street riders and filmers and shows what goes into filming a street video part. Watch/listen and find out more!" - CHRIS DOYLE