Soundtrack - Brian Foster Video Section Song Mix

Rockin' with the Falcon

5 Jul 2015

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That crazy step-down 3 from Stay Fit at Posh. #DIGPRINTARCHIVES Photo by Rob Dolecki

Compiled by Rob Dolecki, Stew Johnson and James Cox


Brian Foster Video Section Mix

Rockin' with the Falcon

Our Brian Foster #DIGBFWEEK concludes with a selection of tracks which have been graced with the honour of being laid over footage of The Blue Falcon over the years…

1 - France Has The Bomb, Grim Trigger: Stay Fit

2 - Led Zeppelin, Trampled Under Foot: Dirty Deeds

3 - Modest Mouse, Alone Down There: Tip Plus The Family

4 - Bob Segar, Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man: Anthem II

5 - Descendants, Hope: Shutter Speed Deux

6 - Neil Young, Old Man: Fit Life

7 - Rare Earth, I Just Want To Celebrate: American Muscle

8 - Swingin’ Utters: No Eager Men: Soil

9: The Byrds, My Back Pages: Holy Fit

10: The Explosion, Reactor: F-it

11: The Go! Team, Doing It Right: Summer Of Fit