ACT Jam 2017 - Photo Gallery

The wildest BMX weekend in Australia

2 May 2017

Photos by Cooper Brownlee

If you're a rider from Australia then chances are you wait all year in anticipation of the Back Bone BMX ACT Jam as the turnout is always large and the vibes are maxed out with riders travelling from all across the country to session with new and old friends. 

For those of you that have never heard of the ACT JAM it's basically 3 days of BMX at a select few locations around Canberra, Australia put on by Back Bone BMX with cash and prizes up for dudes that kill it all weekend. As you can see from the photos the sessions get pretty wild and some of the best riding from the country explodes out of this weekend. This year the crew even built a KOD style dirt setup specifically for one of the stops which turned out pretty damn amazing.

If you were ever thinking of coming over to Australia to ride I would recommend timing it so that you get to experience this weekend Canberra as I guarantee you wont regret it. Peep the #actjam2017 if these photos aren't enough to convince you.