Corey Martinez And That Wild Warehouse Project

The Must Dust Photo Gallery

19 Apr 2017

Words and photos by Chris Burden

Random phone calls from Corey Martinez are always welcome. It's usually him giving me a heads up that he's down in Atlanta for a bit, but this time it was an invite to come to Nashville to shoot some photos of this warehouse project he was working on. I finished my work day and quickly packed for a weekend of hanging and shooting. It was a late night getting into town and a very early call time to be at this warehouse as we were working with a larger production crew than most BMX’ers might be used to. As I arrived at the location on a very early rainy morning I couldd see that this project was much bigger than just some ramps in a warehouse. Somehow Corey and Joel Barnett were able to pull enough scrap would out of this place to build quite the setup. A box jump, vert quarter, wall-ride, another box jump size landing... I was blown away, and it was relatively solid for being what might appear to be something made from half-rotten wood. Here is a batch of my photos from that weekend to accompany the video that dropped a while back. Needless to say Corey killed it. -Chris Burden

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