In Photos - 2019 Vans BMX Pro Cup HB Finale

87 photographs bringing you all the goods!

23 Sep 2019

Photos by: Wes McGrath

When the Vans BMX Pro Cup was first introduced back in 2017, it was placed amongst the Vans US Open of Surfing down on the sand in Huntington Beach, California. This location was home, in portion to the Pro Cup for the first two years of the event. In which, exposed the contest and it's riders to a whole new audience of spectators whom reached numbers in the 100's of thousands! Do to the drastic difference in environment, being that the beach sand of surfing and the concrete of BMX, these two worlds didn't collide until now! This gave BMX some serious momentum in this new venture put on by VansBMX!

Now as we close out the 2019 BMX Pro Cup season with it's finale in the new Huntington Beach location; Vans Off The Wall Skate Plaza, we see a whole new park and a whole new approach. Bringing together veteran names that have been riding the contest all 3 years and new blood that are making themselves known!

In this extensive photo gallery containing 86 photographs, we bring you all the goods from throughout the course all weekend long! From qualifiers to the podium you can find insight to all the amazing action that is the 2019 Vans BMX Pro Cup!

Also, check out the 'IN THE CUT' and DIG RAW videos from the weekend!

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