Snapshots - Chocolate Truck In Arizona

"...and that's when I found out my Jordans were fake"

27 May 2015

Photos by Greg Moliterno Intro by Nick Barrett

"The trip to Arizona was Joe's idea when winter depression hit. Joe had met Robbie Owen and Clay Johnson earlier in the year and me and Steve have never met them. Joe, Steve, and I planned a multi-city trip to Arizona for a week an LA the next. Robbie picked us up from the airport and that AZ heat has us buzzing we rode all day and got $.75 beers atnight at Spinellis Pizzeria in Tempe.

Robbie with the great hospitality letting us stay at his crib was the best, cup of coffee each morning before we went riding was tight. One of the days Robbie had to get tapes for his camera and as we were chilling in this truck we met a guy named Ryan. He had all types of different BMX stickers on his wheelchair and he invited us to his backyard pool. We cleaned out very lil' water in the pool then rode it while listening to Black Sabbath. So sick thank you Ryan! That same night Robbie took us to Tammy and Lahsaan's crib with the best dirt ramps in the backyard. Riding two of the best backyards in one day was the best.

Robbie showing us around to street spots that i seen in bike videos growing up, that I'd never expect them to be in AZ was sick. We rode one of the best flat rail set ups ever and that's when I found out my Jordans were fake. Haha thanks to Matt Osbourne for the pair of Loteks. In conclusion thanks to Robbie, Clay, Tammy, Greg, and Ryan for the lords of Dogtown pool session experience. Hope to see y'all soon or in PA y'all got a place to stay." - NB