Through the Lens with Felix Prangenberg and his Olympus Muji

26 May 2016

Intro by Colton Ponto Photos by Felix Prangenberg 

Earlier this year while I was in Barcelona I had the chance to ride with Felix Prangenberg for a few days. Aside from discovering first hand that he's a really nice guy and his skills are really next level,  I also found out later that he's into film photography, shooting photos on trips and capturing memories in an analog format vs most peoples total love of digital. I got back in touch with him after the recent WTP OUI LE PEOPLE TOUR to see if he would be down for doing a Snapshots feature for us.. and he was stoked to help out with. Here is France through the eyes of Felix and his Olympus Muji.  - CP  

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Felix Prangenberg is supported by Official DIG Partner: WETHEPEOPLE