Snapshots - The 2016 Lost Bowl Jam Weekend

“Not everyone can ride in the wagon, some of us gotta pull it…"

15 May 2016

Photos By Bryan Tarbell Words by Steve Crandall

Every spring after a long winter thaw, BMX on the US East Cost comes alive in the way of road trips, new spots, jams, street rides, building and rebuilding trails and for 4th year in a row, the FBM Lost Bowl invitational at a private DIY spot in our friend Pat’s back yard. 

Richmond is centrally located mid Atlantic city, that often flies under the radar, but not for a lack of talent, badasses, or cool shit going on. The crew at Gillies Creek invited everyone to ride the trails on Sunday, after the Saturday Session at the bowl, and riders from North Carolina, Philly, DC, New York, New England, Florida and beyond all convened for the first weekend in May, to get rad.

One small problem however, was the fact that it rained 13 straight days leading up to Friday night beforehand, which had both spots completely under water. No easy task to overcome, and calling it off was not an option. In the true spirit of BMX, riders of all ages and from all backgrounds, worked together to make it all happen, pumping water out of the woods, out of the pool, bailing with buckets and putting in some serious sweat equity towards a good time. It worked. It was an AMAZING couple of days. 

The weekend was made possible with NO outside help or event sponsors, just BMXers building their own fun and sharing it with everyone…  This is a just a glimpse at a few moments amidst the stoke. At one point, I was bucketing out the last of the water, so we could ride and Trey Jones tells me, “Not everyone can ride in the wagon, some of us gotta pull it…"


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