Never Say One Last Trip: Still United in California

You win some, and you get fucking obliterated on others...

12 May 2016

Words and photos by Andrew White

Sometimes the stars don't align. Street riding is always a game of fishing not catching, but this trip was particularly doomed. What was to be the final filming mission after two great years shooting for Still United, a crew of US and UK guys convened in California and split time between San Diego and the Bay area. Things didn't go well. Corey snapped his collar bone, Nathan got KO'd hard plus had an emergency root canal, Geoff smashed his abdomen, Christian jammed his thumb early in the trip just bad enough to be a hassle, and even Pete got his bike stolen on the last day when the van was broken into! The only one to come out unscathed with Harry Mills-Wakley, who navigated through the trip with zero neagtive consequences. 

Here's a glimpse of the week. Just remember though, a shitty day riding BMX is still better than most everything else...

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