Lost in Grand Cayman: IN PHOTOS

The Welcome to VANS Dennis Enarson celebration trip

5 Mar 2019

Words and photos courtesy of Colin MackayVANS

When it all was set in stone with Dennis joining the VANS family, we talked about a video to welcome him. Dennis was coming off his 2-year project with CAPSLOCK and with all he has accomplished in the past 10 years, I didn’t think we needed Dennis to prove himself filming for another year or so before we could get something cool out. We talked about going somewhere for a week and having some fun. No stress, just a celebration trip. Dennis was on VANS now and we wanted him to feel at home. Dennis could have selected anywhere in the world to visit and he had good thoughts about The Black Pearl park in the Grand Cayman that he had briefly visited 9 years ago. Instead of taking Dennis by himself, we looped in a couple of tranny slayers and good friends to complete the package. Gary Young was always in the trip planning. A fellow San Diego resident and long-time friend of Dennis’, Gary just had to be involved. Then there was the inclusion of Kevin Peraza. Dennis admires Kevin’s riding and we made sure he was board. Kevin’s got that classic BMX feel to him, and can do a bunch of cool plaza stuff too. Very mid school/new school and he is a pleasure to be on a trip with. We booked a house right on the beach, ate well and spent the mornings bathing in the ocean. It was a high of 80 and low of 78 the whole week with barely any rain falling at all. Paradise? Yeah, I’d say so. - Colin Mackay / VANS

Watch the he Welcome to VANS Dennis Enarson Celebration Trip video HERE.