A Washington Summer

A summer in the life of a trails rider

21 Oct 2015

Filmed and edited by Elliot Van Orman

Elliot Van Orman went to one of our favourite states, Washington for the summer and came back with this epic video from his time there. Here's some more from the man himself:

"This film documents a BMX trip I took in the State of Washington, USA mostly around the Seattle area visiting my brother Jerome Beeler Van Orman and friends in August 2015 with riding and appearances from Jerome Beeler Van Orman, Dan Closser, John Donald, Lucas Chalcraft, Darin Read, Robbie Wright, Points Leader, Scott Matual, Shovel, Adam Provo, Carlito, Jimmy LeVan, Leanne Bice, Alex Salerno, Casey Shea, Sabin, Mike Hoder, Davey Watson, GJ Nappo, Elliot Cooper, Anthony Alex, Zane Giust, Christopher Pearce, Joel Dorwart, Chris Slope, Jamal, Jack Maddock, Lil Jon, Jade, and many more..."

Decoy Jam 2014

17 Sep 2014