ABQ DNV - Ryan Pipkin

Dipped toggans and dialed crank arm grinds in Albuquerque

13 Nov 2015

Filmed by Matt Gutierrez, Hunter Lodwick, Derek Dorame Edited by ABQ DNV

ABQ DNV's latest video features Albuquerque's Ryan Pipkin leaving his mark on both well known and hidden spots across the city. Ryan's got a killer toboggan, dialed with the crank arm grinds, and quick with the bars too.

Some words from two of Ryan's friends who helped make this video happen

"Ryan is a very motivated influential rider out in ABQ he pushes himself to learn new tricks everyday I recall how he used to tell me when he first started off everyone said he'd never get any where while riding a bike, the type of person Ryan is this motivated him to prove everyone wrong and has done so. He never has expectations for what happens he just goes and has fun. This video is just the beginning and a little teaser for what Ryan really has in him keep an eye out for his future videos for he is bound to blow your mind. This video was very fun to go film almost every day and to just continue to see how Ryan progresses. Hope everyone enjoys this as much as we enjoyed filming it!" - Hunter Lodwick

'We started getting clips for Ryan's video back before everyone broke their New Years resolutions. However, spring in Albuquerque is windy, and unpredictable. I think it even snowed once in May if I remember correctly. But the sun came out, we were back at it. Since Ryan is the type of the riders that can get something done at any spot. We kinda just had to pedal around, the clips gradually filled the SD card, and the completed video happen naturally. Ryan has a come a long way since I met him at my local park wearing red pants, and a purple shirt that happen to match his terrible purple paint job on his red line with bent forks. I feel like the kid gets better every day and I'm exited to see where he goes from here." - Matt Gutierrez