Nate Richter Stuck In Denver

Nasty Nate in the Mile High City

8 Sep 2015

Video by ABQ DNV Photo by Wes McGrath

There are definitely worse places to find yourself stuck in than Denver, Colorado. Nate Richter makes good use of an extended stay with friends in the Mile High City knocking out what is probably the best footage we've seen from him in quite some time.

"Nate Richter footy is kinda hard to come by, no matter what the situation is. I have been friends with Nate for well over a decade now and getting to watch him ride throughout the years has been amazing. From going over ten feet high out of a 8 foot hip at Los Altos to charging ditch wall rides as well as hitting amazing inverts on some backyard jumps Nate has always been a treat to watch ride. So a large part of our crew moved out to Denver, CO not to long ago and Nate wanted to come along work and ride. We started on this project with a full video part in mind but weather not permitting for a couple months and Nate getting hurt seemed to be the norm. By the end of his stay here we came up with this video of him throwing down with some tech moves and an eye for odd ball spots. Nate is super good at making unrideable spots look amazing and getting it done with a bit of his own Nate style. Check it out hope you all enjoy." - ABQ DNV

ABQ DNV Teaser

24 Jan 2015