Behind The Clip: HVXGOAT and The Public Storage Rail Hop

"the year long mental battle"

3 Jun 2021

Video by HVXGOAT Productions

"6 years ago I did the scariest thing I've ever done on a bike. I've told parts of the story in the past, but today, we go in-depth and cover the whole story, from finding the spot, the year long mental battle, and rolling away successful!

I took a-lot of inspiration from Dig BMX's "Ender Ender" series as it was one of my favourite things they have done, and I really enjoyed making this video. I will do more of these in the future if you guys enjoy it!" - Cam Galbraith

While you're at it be sure to check out Cam's GOAT CAVE podcast series right HERE. There's a lot of interesting and heavy names in there for sure.