BF-IT: The Story of Brian Foster

Online Premiere Of The Full Documentary

29 Jun 2015

Filmed/Edited by Stew Johnson Produced by Chris Moeller / Fit Bike Co

Man we've got a good one for you! If you've seen the BF-IT DVD before you'll know what we're talking about but if you haven't then the next 45 minutes of your day is about to get a whole lot better. Courtesy of FIT Bike Co we are stoked to present the online premiere of the full BF-IT documentary. And that's not all as the DVD extras will follow over the next seven days along with a bunch more BF X DIG related content as part of our #digbfweek. Watch on for the story of Brian Foster aka The Blue Falcon and how he became one of the most respected riders to ever do it. As one DIG reader summed it up perfectly online, "He's the thread that holds it all together". Special thanks to filmer and editor Stew Johnson for the awesome work and for helping to make this happen.

BF-IT DVD Booklet

1 Jul 2015