Catty and Posh - Halls of Weenies Jam 2015

This Is The Season of The Witch

30 Oct 2015

Filmed and edited by Rob Dolecki

The legendary Bethlehem-area trails Catty Woods and Posh held their annual weekend (one day at Catty and one at Posh) Halloween Jam, AKA Halls of Weenies Jam, complete with wild costumes, a fastest lap comp through Fonzie - 79 put on by T.R.A., usual antics, and of course riding all weekend long that lasted until the sun dipped below the horizon. Featuring Cody Diggle, Jack Dorward, Robbo, Brady Baker, Marky Tomasic, Jon Lynn, Joe Hulette, Eric Hennessey, Evan Eisenhard, Boyd, Mike Stauffer, Pat Cullen, Matt Trievel, Mark Potoczny, Jay Lonergan, Clipper, Jimmy Rushmore, and more.

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