Cult - Lil Juice Battles El Torro

Justin Gautreau wasn't going to let anything stop him

25 Jul 2016

Filmed by Veesh and Sauce / Edited by Veesh

If El Torro wasn't enough of a mental battle to handle in and of itself, an overzealous school employee put even more pressure on Justin Gautreau aka Lil Juice to stomp the tailwhip.  Quite a few people have tried their luck down this famous stairset, but Justin has added his name to the shortlist of riders who have come away victorious.

"Every once in awhile a rider comes along who continues to push the never ending progression of BMX...We first met Justin Gautreau aka LIL JUICE at the first #chasebornandraised event, and we immediately knew he would be part of our crew...Watch as he handles his biz against the infamous EL TORO and let nothing get in his way, not even a irate women in a golf cart...Welcome to the crew Juice..." - Cult