Jason Watts, Benn Pigot, Corey Walsh and Dan Foley!

14 Jan 2019

Video by Veesh

When you got a crew of transition destroyers like Jason Watts, Benn Pigot, Corey Walsh and Dan Foley you know things are going to be good. I mean more than good, taking Aus by storm welcoming Jason to the team!

"The Australian BMX scene is full of amazing, passionate riders, dedicated core shops and distributors , and unbelievable spots...We sent Veesh, Corey Walsh and Dan Foley down under to get a taste with 2 legends...Benn Pigot who lives up to every bit of urban myth he is and we welcome Jason Watts to the squad who embodies everything in a true BMX brother there is...Pure BMX is what this edit is all about, good on ya boys..."-Cult

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