About Time. Dre Tylee - Profile Racing.

5 years or memories...

14 Jan 2019

Profile fam and East Coast ripper Dre Tylee compiled a chunk of footage on terrain of all sorts and put it all together for your enjoyment:

"I decided once I built up my new rig in September that I was going to put out an edit with all of the old clips I've been sitting on. My bike has pretty much looked the same for the last 5 years compared to my new build. So I figured this would be a good time to finally get that footage out. It just took Kaleb Bolton to make it happen. Between all the random FBM jams, events and trips Kaleb and I had been on, he actually had a bunch of footage saved up of me. The rest of the clips I dug up on my computer, along with some old cell phone clips that never made there way out to the gram..for the most part. This is my first edit in about 4 or 5 years and my first one for Profile which I couldn't be more stoked about! I cannot thank Kaleb enough for working with me on this project and killing it! Also to Matt Coplon and Profile Racing for always helping me out and letting me to put this edit together for them! I wanna say thanks to anyone who filmed some of this stuff..I couldn't remember everyone but I really appreciate anyone who did!! "