DIG LOCALS - Jonathan Sifuentes

"he took a beating and then got his bike stolen."

3 Dec 2019

Video by Wriel Blancarte / @thebmxfiles

"My friend Jonathan Sifuentes is a young rider from Lerdo, Durango located in north Mexico you might recognise him - he was the guy at the all day bmx shop jam in Mexico City who did a whip down a big set with his backpack on. Since that jam he stayed at my house in Mexico City and we filmed this video within a month. A couple days before he headed back home he was in a sketchy neighborhood at night, took a beating and then got his bike stolen. That's why the edit came a little short compared to his actual riding skills, but anyways a couple minutes in the spotlight is what he deserves." - Wriel Blancarte / @thebmxfiles