Golden Dawn Mixtape

Na na na na na na na naaaa

14 Aug 2015

Filmed and edited by Evan Yoh

The Chocolate Trucks dudes have the filming process for their second DVD well under way but that doesn't mean they aren't killing it in between. Evan Yoh has been out capturing all their goings-on over the past couple months in Levittown and the Philly area and this mixtape is the result. Fuck yeah boys! If you missed it make sure you watch the first CT DVD in our 'related' section below.

Riders featured: John Yoh, Herman McCracken, Marc Arnold, Matt Spencer, Nick Barrett, Kevin Vanauker, Joe Niranonta, Ryan Niranonta, Jose Morales, Josh Coverdale, Dave Belcher, Rocky Ventura, Coady Clarhaut