Jeff Kocsis 'Still United' Full Part

Online at last!

17 Dec 2017

Filmed and edited by Peter Adam

The Jersey Boy! We’ve been fans of this guy for years ever since he blessed the pages of DIG Magazine with his all black bike setup and East Coast chiller style. Watching Jeff Kocsis build his Still United section piece by piece was a pleasure and I’m sure you’ll agree he makes everything he does look just so. And you can’t beat that level of jive talk with many people - he’s your man for a hilarious time on the road. We’re honoured to be able to premiere his full section right here on DIG. Enjoy that unbelievable style.

Jeff Kocsis is supported by our Official DIG Partners: United 

Catch our behind the scenes DIG SECTIONS interview with Jeff here.

This video was originally  available to view here on DIG ONLY on 8-9 August 2016.

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