Kink - One Hit - Darryl Tocco Fakie Barspin

Who needs a freecoaster with fakie skills like that

24 Jul 2015

Filmed by Talem Cowart

Darryl Tocco has never been in need of a freecoaster and always handled fakie tricks, especially barspins with the best of them. Plenty more from Darryl and the rest of the Kink team below in our 'related content' section including a couple of DIG exclusive articles.

"As the freecoaster, and looking at the possibilities of riding setups backwards has become the forefront of street riding at the moment…it is important to remember the dudes that were pushing the backwards game many, many years ago…with cassettes! Darryl definitely stands out as one of those guys. Give his Kink "Safety First", and RIDE BMX "Insight" sections another watch after enjoying this throwback clip to Darryl proving his place in the backwards history books. Filmed in Atlanta by Talem Cowart 6 years ago." - Kink