La Cribs at Le Taz Skatepark - Arnaud & Big T

When scooters take over, but you still gotta ride

9 Apr 2019

Filmed by Arnaud P.Paquin, Alexandre Thérien, Pierre-Luc Massé, Vlad Poloukhine, Dillon Lloyd
Edited by Arnaud P.

"So it's kind of tradition now for Big T & me to do a Taz edit every winter. This year we had some new obstacles to deal with, some really young snaker scooter kids. But still having a good time at Taz Skatepark and learning some new shit on our bikes waiting for summer to come to the Canadian streets."

Arnaud and Big T do battle with the hoards of Scoot kids, a plague that has descended, even with a few clips from South Park, proving how truthful it really is, Arnaud also wants to give a shoutout to Killemall Distro for bringing in sick parts like BSD & ANIMAL

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