Mat Hoffman & OKC BS Mix - Chasing the View off the Cliff

Hoffman, Mihelich, Rich and More

10 Jan 2018

Video by Tony Marion

Snakebite providing some more gold today. Here's some info from Paul Covey...

"This footage was captured in 1993 during the late spring at Shimerville, PA, and also the early fall in Oklahoma City, OK.  Hoffman was supposed to be taking it easy, nursing an injured shoulder and awaiting surgery to repair the damage.  I guess Mat’s idea of taking it easy is busting bar-hop airs, nailing a double tail-whip to the pedals, and getting towed by a motorcycle driven by Steve Swope straight at a 21 ft quarter pipe.  Happy 46th Birthday, Condor!

. . and speaking of Steve Swope, he has a a super-rad vert run in this section.  Other riders include Jon Peacy, Taj Mihelich, Dave Friemuth, Leigh Ramsdell, John Parker, Joe Rich, and Dave Clymer."