Matt Coplon - Year 45 - PROFILE BMX

Coming through with the goods at Level 4.5

26 May 2022


In conjunction with our Official DIG partners: Profile

Matt Coplon's a busy man- in between his more than full-time job at Profile, supporting the local scene, and writing novels, he still finds time to film video sections at age 45. Here's a few words from Matt himself:

"A recap of clips filmed on the road to turning 45.

An infinite amount of thanks goes out to these folks for being a part of the filming process, and more importantly, for being THE source of motivation (in order of clips): Eric Fabisiak, Dan Dellorso, Terrance Devon, Billy Woodfin, Gavin Guinan, Luis Pinzon, Alan Shirley, Alex Lepak, Chris Childs, Bobby Proctor, Jona Jachan, Dillon Leeper, Cory Foust, Latane Coghill, Dan Conway, Chad Degroot, Ryan Torrance, Gergo Kis, Steve Caro, and Dylan Kakowski. Extra

Thanks to Profile Racing, Skatepark of Tampa, Deco Bmx, Circuit Bmx Shop, Etnies Bmx, Radshare, Drop In Coffee, and FLBMX. Thanks to Dig Bmx for their support in hosting. Thanks to Dan Gorostiaga and Henry Wilson for music clearance: Cavity, "Supercollider." And to you, for taking the time to watch and for your support. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You." -Matt Coplon