NOWHERETORIDE - With Nicolas Cambon

Break Down The Walls!

28 Sep 2016

Filmed and edited by Mayol / GREENFILMS

At DIG we’ve always been a fan of the road less travelled, and when that comes to bike riding. Adventure is one of the most important elements and pretty much the foundation of what we've been built on since day one, well ahead of tricks, trends or popularity contests. A lot of us here grew up in areas that had very little to no BMX scene at all so the art of seeking out and using a spot that most would ride straight past has been and still is, a necessity for survival and motivation. The world is huge and the potential for new spots is endless, and some of those may be previously unconsidered and just down the road. Stay out there and keep exploring - you never know what you might discover... even if occasionally you might have to look beyond the norm and put that extra bit of work in.

For NOWHERETORIDE, long time French BMXer Nicolas Cambon (Vans / Haro) and filmer Mayol worked together over a 6 month period searching to find and ride the most unique spots that they could. 

Here's what the man behind the lens had to say about the project from his perspective:

"Nicolas Cambon is a 38 years old BMXer, riding since 1989. Nowheretoride is not a trick video project or skatepark edit - Nowheretoride is first a spot searching BMX adventure to try and ride the most unrideable spots. Nicolas Cambon is not the type of rider to do a double flair or win a FISE contest... he is someone who, in my opinion, rides BMX with more originality than anybody in 2016." - Mayol

Click HERE for the full story and extended photo gallery.

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