Preview: Tyler Fernengel Rides the Silverdome

Once in a lifetime riding opportunity

8 Jun 2015

Video by Red Bull

Tyler Fernengel was provided a once in a lifetime opportunity to ride the Silverdome in Michigan. Visually this project looks fantastic and Tyler will surely have found some wild setups to handle.

Haro / Demolition

"For three years, the Silverdome — former home to football greats, wrestling giants, motocross legends and many massive sporting spectaculars — has sat empty and abandoned, 45 minutes north of Detroit.

Tyler Fernengel, a Michigan native of Wyandotte, just south of the Motor City, grew up attending the best sports events at the stadium and even raced Supercross as a young boy.

Though he recently moved to San Diego to pursue his career, Fernengel has always considered Michigan home and returned for the ride of his burgeoning career in the desolate and empty Silverdome." - Red Bull