Raw Jibs: Felix Prangenberg in Cali

Top secret visit to the sun state!

15 May 2019

Video by Freedom BMX

Check out some raw footage on a supposed 'Top secret' visit to Cali with Felix Prangenberg. Whatever they're working on we're sure it'll be excellent! The youtube description was in German so the Google translate ight not be excactly perfect but you'll get this jist.

"Felix Prangenberg was in California for a few weeks recently to escape the German winter and shoot for a top-secret video project. Unfortunately, we should not reveal what exactly is being worked on there, but as you can hear rumors, Felix has been checked off during the filming of a blatant NBD, so you can be prepared for something! Warmly, here are some of the best clips Felix filmed during his trip to the West Coast for his Instagram profile (@felix_prangenberg). In addition to various shots, which are really too good for grief there, there are also some guestclip of Grant Castelluzzo, Dan Kruk and Jesse Romano to see. So you have a thoroughly rewarding treat!" Freedom BMX

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