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10 May 2019


Our Top 6 Pick of Future-Proof Pro level Riders for 2019 and beyond

Originally printed in DIG MAGAZINE Issue 99.9 December 2018 •In no particular order

Back in the tail-end of 2018 during the heads down, frantic buzz of our now annual magazine deadline (DIG 99.9), we concocted a small dream team of riders (who hadn't been featured elsewhere in that issue), who we not only consider to be some of very best on the planet right now, but have the potential to stay at the top of the game for some years to come. In no way is this a definitive list, nor it it in any particular order, but here goes...

Feel free to let us know your personal 'Dream Team' selection in the comments. below...


#1 Jordan Godwin

You seem to have fully mastered the hardway. Do you have plans to somehow make hard harder? 

Thank you, I assume we are talking about the hard 7, haha, I don’t really know. I’ve done a few over-spun hard 5’s and I know that the 7 is possible, but honestly I don’t really want to do a box jump trick out of a rail. I think it might look a bit ugly, but who knows. 

If you took inspiration from one Pro from a previous generation, who would it be?

Scott Ditchburn, because of the hardways.

What was your proudest moment last year?

Proudest moment would have to be seeing Doomed get so much support from everyone, or winning a Freedom award that was so crazy to me, winning an award for riding my little bike is the most insane thought.

Who will be the next big thing in 2019?

There really is so much talent in BMX right now that I think hasn’t fully blown up, but I’m gonna go with Jordan O’Kane - he’s a seriously talented rider and just an all round great human being, Also, he's “MILITANT BRUV”.

Whats next for Doomed, and are we all Doomed?

More product, trips and beers probably. Also there's talk of one of those CD things that you can watch on your TV/older laptops, and yes... we are all Doomed!

2019 Dream Team Jordan



Do you think it makes it more difficult to become Pro if you don’t live in the USA or UK?

Yeah, it’s just because we’re so far from the industry and the people that run it, and a big thing about going pro is they know you’re not an idiot in person. Can’t be some hotshot Instagram bloke with a terrible personality and can't kick it with the rest of the team.

What were your proudest and least proud moments of last year, 2018?

Proudest would go to the X Games of course, it was pretty much the first time my family had really seen me fully ride in person, so it was sick. Least I’d have to say is wresting half of the Battle Of Hastings riders in the street at 4am after a few too many sparkling waters at the after party...hahahahaha.

If you took inspiration from one pro from a previous generation, who is it?

Pretty much the first ever street video I watched was Randy Taylor’s Props bio, and I was seriously in love with his style and trick choice. Both of my brothers and I only liked trails and bowl riding but this was like a new world to me and it just seemed so fucking cool. I always thought street back then was a little too burly and crazy, but Randy made it look smooth and effortless. Still to this day I think about that video and how I can somewhat tie that in to my videos/riding. 

2019 Dream Team Lewis Mills 7 U3561


"...a big thing about going pro is they know you’re not an idiot in person. Can’t be some hotshot Instagram bloke with a terrible personality and can't kick it with the rest of the team."

Whats the secret to contest riding?

Put on a club banger and pretend you’re partying. A few people asked what I was listening to on my run at X Games and it was some weird trap/house jivy tune hahaha. It put me in a good mood and made me realise this isn’t all that important. Nah actually I did think it was important. Not gonna lie. 

Was it always a goal to go professional with bike riding?

I said to people I was gonna go do art and university courses just so they wouldn’t freak out or anything but nothing came close to riding. I wouldn’t say it was the all time goal but I just wanted to get really good and let the rest unfold. 

Who will be the next big thing in 2019?

I think Ben Norris will really start to shine next year as he is still developing into his own style. We have so many projects we’re working on together throughout the rest of this year and I’m really excited to see the reaction. Rider wise I think Johnny Raekes, even though the last 2 years everyone knows who he is I feel like he’s just warming up. I’ve witnessed some clips first hand filming for the fiend video and still to this day I think he is the most naturally talented rider. 

#3 Julian Arteaga

2019 Dream Team Julian Artega


Was it always a goal to go professional with bike riding? Was there a plan B?

I think once filming was becoming more and more of a routine I knew I wanted to go professional and leave a little piece of Julian on the scene haha.

You moved to Austin recently. What was the driving motivation in that decision?

Obviously I know California is an amazing place to be but after a long time there you get used to the spots, the people and the environment. I wanted to be in a place where it feels like I’m just on a constant trip. I just wanted more spots really. 

When will you split your time between riding and running your own BMW museum? But seriously, have you got plans for any car related projects in the future?

Dude, if I could I would. I have an E36 right now and plan on doing a couple more things to her and maybe later on get my dream E30! I don’t take cars that seriously, I just got introduced to it more when I was living with Smillie and Corriere and kinda got involved. Just another hobby to keep me occupied (sane). 

Who will be the next big thing in 2019?

Honestly I think that bloody cunt Lewis Mills is going to be. Love his style and hope to see more from him in 2019. But there are some sleepers out there, pro or not. We’ll see!  

What were your proudest and least proud moments of last year?

Proudest is definitely going professional. Extra cash is nice but there’s something to be said for finally achieving your very first goal in life, even with all the negative shit that might come along with it - that makes you feel unstoppable. If you just try, you could probably do anything you want. Like, anything. Least proud moment is probably selling my E21. Dude that thing was way too clean and just about all OEM. Such a dumbass haha. 

If you've taken inspiration from one Pro from a previous generation, who would that be?

If previous generation you mean who I watched growing up, then it would have to be two actually; Dakota Roche and Nathan Williams. Legends. Older than that I’m not really sure haha. I kinda only like current progression but bless Scerbo for doing the first 180 I’ve seen down a rail. That’s inspiration. 

#4 Felix Prangenberg

Who will be the next big thing in 2019? 

That’s a hard one. There are so many people around me that are super good on a bike. But if I have to pick one it would be my friend Tom Weikert who just got added to the Wethepeople AM Team. He has such a big bag of tricks and is one of the most humble people I know.

What’s next for the cab 7? Would it ever go down a stair set? 

I’d love to do one down a stair set but I think the next thing I’m gonna try is the 900 cab. I got pretty close once and definitely wanna film one for the part I’m working on right now.  

What were your proudest and least proud moments of 2018? 

My proudest moment was definitely when I had to get up on stage to get the NORA Cup. I was more than stoked that I got nominated and never ever thought about winning it. So the surprise when I heard my name was even bigger and couldn’t believe it. I still can’t, haha .

Least proudest moment is hard. There are always ups and downs but when it comes to riding wise it was probably when I bruised my heel super bad mid summer and couldn’t ride properly for like two months or when I fucked up my hand two weeks before X Games and thought I couldn’t ride at all till then.

Where do you keep the cup? Do you eat cereal from it as a daily motivation? 

I put it up on the TV cupboard in my parent's living room. I just had a couple beers out of it on the night of the awards but never ate cereal out of it haha. But when I come home now and see the cup up there all I can do is laugh because it still seems so unreal to me

Do you have plans for more facial hair?

Haha, I wish I could grow a full beard. 

2019 Dream Team Felix Fred Murray



Who will be the next big thing in 2019? 

Lewis Mills. Cheeky little cunt is good at anything he puts his mind too. Also one of the best dudes out so I know he’ll do well.

Do you think it's more difficult to become Pro if you don’t live in the USA or UK

Yeah for sure, especially in Australia because we’re so big and spread out. You’re not gonna get noticed by a distro that’s a ten hour drive away. You really gotta put in the work on videos and do the traveling to actually meet the dudes that run the show. 

Was it always a goal to go professional with bike riding? If not, what was plan B

I feel like as a kid I couldn’t stop thinking about bikes and didn’t want to do anything else so yeah it was a goal for sure. My slight back up in school was taking up metal work to try make frames down the track. But that shit was way too hot for me haha. 

What were your proudest and least proud moments of 2018? 

Proudest moment would have to be getting redemption in Hastings. From bouncing my face off the ground and breaking my jaw last year to taking the win this year with my dudes. I was super stoked on that.

Least proud moment would have to be the Melbourne contest last weekend. Done two runs in finals and between them two runs I didn’t land one trick and ended up with a broken hand. Not a worry though I’ll be back on the whip in no time.

If you took inspiration from one pro from a previous generation, who would that be?

Would have to be Dennis. Dude has been on top of his game in all disciplines for over 10 years. Hard not to look up to him.

Do you struggle holding down a full time job as well as fulfilling all your pro rider requirements?

Argh it’s the biggest struggle. Always hard to keep your boss happy but still go on a riding trip once a month or even two months away at a time. Luckily I found a chilled warehouse job with a bunch of staff so they can slot me in and out of the roster super easy now. 

2019 Dream Team Boyd



How did you find your way on to Fiend? 

I think it was an Instagram contest that first caught their eye, but at one point JJ and I started to talk a little bit and he asked how I felt about the idea of riding for Fiend. It's mind blowing because I looked up to all of them so much growing up. Riding on the same team as them is something I don’t think I ever even considered being possible. I can’t thank everyone at Fiend enough for giving me a chance and being so supportive ever since. You guys are the best. 

If you took inspiration from one pro from a previous generation, who would it be? 

There's so many riders who’ve inspired me but It'd probably have to be Eric Holley. I think he’s the first person who ever got me really hyped on crankflips. He’s done so many insane combos that to this day still can’t be touched. Also the fact that Corey Martinez is still one of the best in the world is so inspiring to see. I’m not sure if there’s ever been anyone who’s been so damn good at riding street for so long without ever showing signs of slowing down. 

Who'll be the next big thing in 2019?

I think Lewis Mills has the potential to be a huge star in BMX. He’s such an unbelievable bike rider and has a natural charisma that people really seem to love. A lot has happened for him in 2018, but I think once his newest part comes out everything is really going to pop off for him like never before. I’m super excited to see where BMX takes him this upcoming year.

2019 Dream Team Jonnuy Raekes By7 U3669


"There is such a deep history of amazing riders being on Animal, so to get that bump up was such a surreal feeling."

What were your proudest and least proud moments last year? 

I had a lot of highs and lows this year, but my proudest moment would have to be going pro for Animal. There is such a deep history of amazing riders being on Animal, so to get that bump up was such a surreal feeling. I also got to go to Barcelona with Fiend this year, which is something that my 14 year old self would dream about while watching Deadline on repeat, never thinking it could actually be possible. That entire trip was a dream come true and I feel so blessed to be given that opportunity. 

Least proud would probably be allowing the loss of a relationship to interfere with my happiness while being on trips. I apologize to any of the homies who had to see me down. But going through that has taught me a lot about myself and I’ve learned how to enjoy being alone more than ever which is something I can be proud of. 

Who’s your favourite wrestler?

 Haha, wrestling is so ridiculous. It’s really hard to watch sometimes but I can appreciate a good match. My favorite wrestler would have to be Kenny Omega. He got me into watching New Japan Pro Wrestling which is the only wrestling company I ever watch. The amount of quality matches he’s put on in the last three years is unreal. It’s kind of like seeing someone put out multiple insane video parts that only get better each time even though you think nothing could top the last one. Seeing how willing they are to risk their lives for someone’s entertainment is pretty inspiring. 


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