"Did it feel like DIG had positioned themselves as anti-RIDE?"

27 Jul 2022

Video by Neil Waddington

RIDE ON catch up with UK BMX publishing legend Mark Noble to find out more about the history of RIDE (UK) magazine, his thoughts on DIG, their big move to (and subsequent fall-out with) Factory Media and loads more. There'll be lots more on this from from our perspective in next year's 30th anniversary DIG project but for now this is something that all you fellow magazine nerds will certainly enjoy.

"We're stoked to be bringing back our series of original interviews with BMXpeople who matter. This is the full story of Invert, Ride Magazine and Factory media! We chat to mark about his beginnings in BMX, his first foray into journalism, launching both Invert and Ride UK and how he came to sell the company in 2006. We also discuss his latest photo book project that has been universally praised by all corners of BMX." - RIDE ON BMX