“Social Distance” - Taiwan's First BMX DVD

Pure Street, No Gimmicks.

25 Mar 2021

Video by Robin Slootmaker

We've got a really sick one for you today from Robin Slootmaker! ‘Social Distance’ is a 32 minute DVD featuring the often overlooked Taiwan BMX scene. 100% pure street, no gimmicks, and a shit load of incredible spots. Once you've had a watch you can catch an interview with Robin about the whole process over on 90EAST.

"We didn't set out to make a DVD. Filmed mostly over the last 8 months while Covid-19 shut down most of the world, Taiwan kept rolling. Socially distant from the rest of the world and no community spread here we wanted to spread to the community a hard copy standard definition take on the trips, the scene, good times riding bikes, hanging with freinds, battles and beers along way in these stange times. Filmed in SD on now defunct VX2000, TRV15, and VX1000. Featuring: Zef Robinson, Awen, BongYo, XiaoGuo, Robin Slootmaker, Chase Quantril, Archie Kenward, Alec and Rich Thorogood, Ed Mayhew, Ryutaro Higa, Chiao Hung, Allen Liu and more." - Robin

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